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The Upper Nidderdale Primary Federation is made up of three schools located in Lofthouse, Glasshouses and Pateley Bridge. We value the importance of developing strong links between the schools and local, regional, national and international communities. Through visits, assemblies, concerts and special events, we involve our pupils in the local community, so that they learn how to participate in a practical way in the life and concerns of their neighbourhood and communities.

Working with parents, local residents, the business community, public services, and voluntary services teaches the children to become active citizens. This includes inviting members of the community into school for games session, to assemblies and to talk to our pupils as well as attending local community events such as Remembrance Day services. We take advantage of our amazing local area by  visiting local places of interest such as Stump Cross Caverns, Brimham Rocks, Bewerley Park, Corn Close Farm and Studfold Farm. 

Our schools are not buildings in isolation, but are all situated in an area of exhilarating windswept moorland, peaceful woodlands and steep river valleys. Nidderdale has been designated and Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The purpose of an AONB designation is to conserve and enhance the natural beauty of the designated landscape. 

It is important that the schools of the Upper Nidderdale Primary Federation, its children, staff and governors are recognised as part of the local, wider and international community.

Click on the link below to see our community links in action through a series of photos taken across the 2022-2023 school year. 

Community Give Back


We are delighted to share with you our new Community Give Back

A way for our school community to make life better for others, and for the community to support our families. With the cost-of-living crisis and the legacy of COVID, there is a definite need for a supporting community. By working together, we can make a significant impact on people’s lives, whilst creating stronger relationships within the community.

We believe that teaching children about the importance of giving back can have a significant impact on their personal development and well-being.

The key benefits for children are:

  • Developing empathy – learning to empathize with others and understanding the challenges they face, helps them to develop compassion and kindness
  • Fostering gratitude – when giving back, children appreciate the things that they have. They develop the sense of ‘counting their blessings’.
  • Feeling of belonging – giving back can create a greater sense of connection and belonging. They feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves.
  • Improved mental health – engaging with giving back activities can have a positive impact on mental health; reducing stress and anxiety.

By making Giving Back a part of their lives, children can develop a lifelong commitment to social responsibility.

So how will this work?

We will be launching our Community Give Back to the children and then inviting the Fund-Raising Team and the Rights Respecting Team to meet and plan some events. To get us started, we have already arranged some Christmas Carolling which will allow us to work as part of a team, whilst making a difference to people who may be feeling sad and lonely.

We would also like to offer all our wonderful parents a child-free Saturday shopping afternoon before Christmas. Staff are giving their time to provide a film, colouring and pizza afternoon for all children across the Federation to enjoy.

Whilst there are many acts of giving that are without costs, there are some that require funding. We want to work with local businesses to secure the finances required. An example of this would be our family breakfasts – an opportunity for families to enjoy a free meal together. This is a chance for our school community to come together, which increases the sense of belonging. We will work hard to create partnerships with like-minded businesses who want to support their community by giving back.

What can you do?

Do you have a business or work for a business that likes to support community projects? If so, please get in touch to see how you could work with us. We’d also like to hear from you if you have any ideas for future events. Most importantly, please come along and get involved.